a photojournalist’s witnessing act

This is the story of the photographs taken by a journalist, Abdurrahman Gök, on the Newroz day in 2017 in Diyarbakır, Turkey. This is the story of the last moments of Kemal Kurkut, who is shown in these photographs.

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neighbors as citizen journalists during the Eid in Turkey

In one previous post titled “journalism in times of mega crises,” I pondered on the state of journalism in the current period of pandemic, during which there are restrictions on movement and the Covid-19 crisis is used as an opportunity by the states to increase surveillance and control. From the beginning, before evolving into a pandemic, the case of the virus Covid-19 came to be publicly known through a case…


journalism in times of mega crises

Among the numerous things that are of concern about the new surge of authoritarianism around the world with the measures put in place against the Covid19 global pandemic, is the case of journalism today. Border closures and measures restricting mobility are already impacting physical access in many regions of the world. In places where the governments were already infamous for curtailing freedom of speech and actions of journalists, the protection…